Water Conditioning Services

Analysis & Treatment

Is there a metallic taste to your water or a rotten egg odor coming from your plumbing? Are you finding soap curds in sinks and bathtubs, or your clothes come out gray and unclean after laundering? Worse yet, have you been sick to your stomach or experiencing symptoms of e-coli? These, among many others, are signs of water conditioning problems in your home or business. To ensure that your water is safe, clean and pH balanced, come to Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. in Flemington, NJ for proper water treatment.


Water Treatment Equipment We Install:

  • Acid neutralizers conditioning equipment
  • Chemical feed pump for chlorine injection, soda ash injection
  • Iron removal conditioning equipment
  • Manganese removal conditioning equipment
  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment
  • Reverse osmosis conditioning equipment
  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment
  • Water softening conditioning equipment

Have Your Water Treated Today

Make sure your water is safe for drinking and effective for everyday use. Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. is your local water specialist, offering in-house or on-site hardness and pH water analysis. For healthy, crystal clear water, call today to have your water tested and treated.
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