Our Residential Water Services

Well Drilling, Water Treatment & More

Get rid of your water source and quality problems by coming to Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. We offer residential well drilling, water treatment, pump repair and more to Flemington, NJ and beyond. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about good wells and clean water, but we do! We are your trusted
water specialists, serving customers throughout New Jersey for over a hundred years.

Residential Well Drilling

  • Drilling – 6”/8” or larger potable water wells for new construction, replacement wells if existing well becomes dry or contaminated
  • Drilling – 6”/8”/10” or larger irrigation water wells for new construction or existing homes
  • Drilling – Irrigation water wells for homes with a connection to public water supply to reduce monthly water bills.
  • Drilling – Turbulent, open loop or closed loop geothermal wells
  • Well Deepening – of portable water wells if location is accessible for drilling equipment and well is the required distances from septic tank and field and has the appropriate amount of casing

Water Treatment Equipment We Install:

  • Acid neutralizers conditioning equipment
  • Chemical feed pump for chlorine injection, soda ash injection
  • Iron removal conditioning equipment
  • Manganese removal conditioning equipment
  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment
  • Reverse osmosis conditioning equipment
  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment
  • Water softening conditioning equipment

Our Well Development Techniques:

  • Chemicals & Pumping
  • Compressed Air
  • Hydro-Fracturing
  • Shock Chlorination of Wells
  • Surging
  • Wire Brushing

Well Abandonment

  • Certified Well Sealing for Consolidated & Unconsolidated Formations
Well drilling

Yield Testing

  • Extensive Stock of Test Pumps 5 to 1000gpm
  • Turnkey Yield Testing Services on New & Existing Wells
  • Using Generators 10KW to 125KW
  • Using Submersible from 5 to 1000gpm

Pump Repair & Replacement

  • Emergency out of water service calls and sewage pumping systems
  • In-house or on-site pumping system design
  • Install and repair chemical feed pumps for chlorination feed systems
  • Install and repair hand pumps, pitcher pumps, windmill pumps
  • Install and repair of septic pumps and sump pumps
  • Install complete pumping systems in new potable water wells
  • Replace existing pumps with larger horsepower pump for irrigation systems, house additions, swimming pool installations, etc.

Get Clean, Healthy Water

At Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc., we offer in-house or on-site hardness, iron and PH water analysis with recommendations on equipment installation. Additionally, we offer site visits or office visits to discuss the drilling process and to determine optimal well location. See what we can do for you. Enjoy crystal clear water and call us today.