Other Services


Keeping Your Well Healthy

With over 100 years of professional experience, Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. can make sure you always have clean, healthy water for your home, business or government operations in Flemington, NJ. We offer fast, clear, live-color video of the conditions in your well to depths up to 1,500 feet! With Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc., you’ll be sure of your pumping yield and service life of your water wells.

Additional Water Well Services:

  • Borehole Evaluations
  • Downhole Video Inspections
  • Evaluate Cleaning Requirements
  • Locate Damages & Breaks
  • New Well Inspection
  • Off-Season Inspections
  • Recover Lost Tools/Pumps
  • Well Abandonment
  • Yield Testing

Get A Close-Up Look Inside Your Well!

With our mobile service, we can be at your home or business to test your water and inspect your wells. We can give you the data you need to make informed decisions, quickly and accurately. For a clear, pinpointed analysis of your well condition and problems, call Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. today.
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