Government/Industrial/Commercial Services

Your Water, Well & Drilling Experts

Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. is a state-of-the-art well drilling company in Flemington, NJ with highly trained, licensed and certified professionals for all of your government, industrial and commercial water well drilling, pump repair and water treatment needs. Don’t let water troubles stop your operations or slow productivity. Let Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. solve all of your water issues today.


  • Drilling 6" to 22" diameter geothermal wells for providing heating/cooling for buildings in all sectors
  • Drilling 6" to 22" diameter irrigation water wells for golf courses, commercial office complexes, colleges, public school athletic fields, manufacturing facilities
  • Drilling 6" to 22" diameter process water wells for manufacturing facilities, car washes and ready-mix concrete facilities
  • Drilling 6" to 22" diameter public community water supply wells for public water supply systems, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Offering turnkey services initiating with well design and ending with pumping system installation
  • Utilizing air rotary/mud rotary drilling methodologies to install aforementioned wells

Pump Repair & Replacement

  • Emergency out of water service calls to repair or replace submersible pumps, hollow shaft turbine pumps, sewage pumps (effluent/solids), sump dewatering pumps, chemical process pumps, chemical feed pumps and submersible booster pumps
  • New Installation of submersible pumps, hollow shaft turbine pumps
  • New installation of chemical feed pumps
  • New installation of chemical process pumps (centrifugal, end suction, flooded suctions, turbine)
  • New installation of sewage pumps (effluent/solids) or sump dewatering pumps
  • New installation with booster pumps complete with booster can
  • Offering in house or on site pumping system design incorporating pump selection, water tank selection, etc.

Water Treatment Equipment We Install:

  • Acid neutralizers conditioning equipment
  • Chemical feed pump for chlorine injection, soda ash injection
  • Iron removal conditioning equipment
  • Manganese removal conditioning equipment
  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment
  • Reverse osmosis conditioning equipment
  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment
  • Water softening conditioning equipment

Well Development

  • Chemicals & Pumping
  • Compressed Air
  • Hydro-Fracturing
  • Shock Chlorination of Wells
  • Surging
  • Wire Brushing

Well Abandonment

  • Certified Well Sealing for Consolidated & Unconsolidated Formations
Well drilling

Yield Testing

  • Extensive Stock of Test Pumps 5 to 1000gpm
  • Turnkey Yield Testing Services on New & Existing Wells
  • Using Generators 10KW to 125KW
  • Using Submersible from 5 to 1000gpm

Environmental Drilling

  • Monitoring wells - to track and access contaminants in the water table
  • Recovery wells - to channel polluted water into treatment systems for purification
  • Piezometers - to identify the water table and determine the direction of water flow
  • Test wells - to investigate geologic formations, pollutants and the yield of an aquifer

Get Flowing Today

If you are a government decision maker or business owner, trust only the proven expertise of Samuel Stothoff Company, Inc. Over the years, we have served numerous governmental, private utilities, commercial and industrial clients across the tri-state area. To take advantage of our wealth of knowledge, experience and skill, give us a call today.